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 Hastantyo's Renders

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PostSubject: Hastantyo's Renders   Hastantyo's Renders EmptyMon 13 Jun - 16:54

Hi all! This is my Render works. The model are not totally made by me, I'm just made the scene. They was R.I.P from some famous game. I hope you like it. Smile

Honda Fit. The model R.I.P from Forza Motorsport 3 game by Riva (this game for XBOX 360)

Hastantyo's Renders 7827render14
The "normals" still messed up in some areas.

Final Result:
Hastantyo's Renders 4915Honda-Fit-Render_3
click here to view original resolution: 1366x768 pixel.
Render time: 3 hours 48 minutes.

Mack Vision - Road Train. The model R.I.P from 18 wheels of steel Extreme Trucker game by me. (this game for PC)
Hastantyo's Renders 628posting10
direct link to view original resolution: 1920x1080 pixel.
Render time: 4 hours 21 minutes.

Anyway, I'm still newbie about rendering, and need learn more. I'm only using 3Ds Max 7 and Mental Ray for Rendering for this time. Is the shadow still too hard, or less? Any suggestion?

Feedback will appreciated. Smile

Regards, Hastantyo.
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Hastantyo's Renders
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