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[REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC Empty
PostSubject: [REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC   [REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC EmptyMon 8 Jun - 17:30

[REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC Promo_12
So here is the Bmw I know nobody was waiting for Laughing
Base model by CMR:Dirt

-SA lights (cool ones =] )
-Custom Col/Shadow
-HQ interior
-3 Pj's in TF
-3D tires
-3D front suspensions
-all parts working including working suspensions
-body scratches and a cool damage
-semi Sa plates
-3D head/tail lights
- It's a Bmw ftw.

But I need to share the credits with King George cuz w/o him car wouldn't have this quality
This is my Best mod yet It's over the Subaru for sure but not with too much :nah: I didn't had what to improve
[REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC 17b0e338259382 [REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC 8015f638259392 [REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC 79c21138259405 [REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC 0b474638259414 [REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC C7386938259422 [REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC Ba0df438259430 [REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC Fed8c838259438 [REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC 57ba3e38259447 [REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC 77d80038259455 [REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC Fb35c438259460 [REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC 8e3a5f38259466 [REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC F36b6f38259470 [REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC A990db38259480 [REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC D9d45c38259485 [REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC 8f0ef738259493 [REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC 93d73b38259516 [REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC Eedc9238259528 [REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC Db4bb938259539 [REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC Fb860738259554 [REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC D5a10c38259571 [REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC 2d2a0838259579 [REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC F191b338259587 [REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC E17d2338259595 [REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC 80200838259602 [REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC 04b80e38259615 [REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC 7cadf438259632 [REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC 30218f38259664 [REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC D2a25838259675 [REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC 32dd2d38259678 [REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC A4bcb838259684 [REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC 2044e938259688 [REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC B1646a38259707 [REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC 6bcff138259722 [REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC B5797338259732 [REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC 658f5c38259753 [REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC 57cac838259771 [REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC 46f64438259790 [REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC Ff1b8238259817 [REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC Ea1bc338259827



[REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC Vladyf130

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[REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC Empty
PostSubject: Re: [REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC   [REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC EmptyMon 8 Jun - 17:56

oh verry nice bmw brother Very Happy

i think someone will ask you to make it for MW Razz Very Happy

keep up the good work Smile

[REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC Pbucket
[REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC 12644
[REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC Bfmlh2
salim's zmod modeling tutorial
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[REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC Empty
PostSubject: Re: [REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC   [REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC EmptyMon 8 Jun - 17:58

O.O Wow.. Razz
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[REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC Empty
PostSubject: Re: [REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC   [REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC EmptyMon 12 Oct - 1:18

cool bmw Very Happy
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[REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC Empty
PostSubject: Re: [REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC   [REL|CONV] Bmw X3CC Empty

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