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 [REL|SCR]Wired's rims

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PostSubject: [REL|SCR]Wired's rims   [REL|SCR]Wired's rims EmptyTue 14 Apr - 20:14

So,decided to release some of my rims,here I'll release my rims,as I model them,and make a pack when I reach 17 rims.

How to install:

1.Go to Gta San Andreas/models/ and replace the dff and txd of the rim in the gta3.img.

2.Go to Gta San Andreas/Data/Maps/veh_mods folder and open in notepad the veh_mods.ide file.Find all the lines in which "wheel" appears,like this:

1073, wheel_sr6, vehicle, 100, 2097152

and change the "vehicle" with the name of the wheel,in this case "wheel_sr6".

First 2 rims :

DeCorsa Fusion

Arcasting D66

Download : http://hosted.filefront.com/wiredmodding/

[REL|SCR]Wired's rims 64dfc532685983 [REL|SCR]Wired's rims B8021932685986
[REL|SCR]Wired's rims 9bf4e932685988 [REL|SCR]Wired's rims B71d1932685990
[REL|SCR]Wired's rims 8e842532685994 [REL|SCR]Wired's rims 8e2add32685996
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PostSubject: Re: [REL|SCR]Wired's rims   [REL|SCR]Wired's rims EmptyThu 16 Apr - 14:30

Nice model wired Smile Its my first time to hear those rims brand Smile
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[REL|SCR]Wired's rims Empty
PostSubject: Re: [REL|SCR]Wired's rims   [REL|SCR]Wired's rims EmptySat 7 Jan - 13:51

can't download!!
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[REL|SCR]Wired's rims Empty
PostSubject: Re: [REL|SCR]Wired's rims   [REL|SCR]Wired's rims Empty

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[REL|SCR]Wired's rims
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